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Chemical Dependency Treatment

Chemical dependency, or substance dependency, refers to a condition in which a person has become physically and/or psychologically dependent on a mood altering substance. Over time, people with chemical dependency problems develop a tolerance for the drug and require increasingly greater quantities to feel the same affects. They may also continue their use despite physical, emotional, social, legal or financial consequences. Often, the substance on which they become dependent is a prescription medication, which may have initially been prescribed out of medical necessity – but over time, use morphed into abuse. This can make it difficult for the user to acknowledge that a problem has developed. Either way, the widespread availability and social acceptance of prescription medications contributes to both the development and intractable nature of chemical dependence.

At Milestones, we offer a chemical dependency treatment program tailored to each client. Addressing each client’s specific needs, we help her/him begin to heal and process both the chemical dependency and the mental health conditions that usually underlie substance abuse. We employ a combination of individual, group therapy, evidence-based treatments, psychoeducation groups, as well as meditation, fitness and yoga groups. Treatment occurs while enjoying the backdrop of our beautiful ranch located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, CA. Tour Milestones Ranch Here

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