Treatment Programs

  • Agoraphobia

    Agoraphobia is a disorder involving intense fear or anxiety about being in settings where escape may be difficult and/or embarrassing, in the event one has a panic attack or panic-like symptoms. Agoraphobia can be severely debilitating for the approximately 3.2 million Americans who suffer from it[1]. This disorder involves fear of situations such as public[…]

  • Alcoholism Treatment

    Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease, which can injure, cause disability or even death. Alcoholism is acknowledged to be a public health crisis resulting in significant social, health and economic burdens on society. Incidence rates are high: World Health Organization estimates that 140 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD). National[…]

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management Millions of people struggle with the unhealthy expression or suppression of anger, in other words – anger issues. Left untreated, anger issues can contribute to numerous physical and psychological conditions (including high blood pressure, increased stress levels, depression) as well as social and occupational consequences (e.g., strained or fractured relationships, legal difficulties, employment[…]

  • Anxiety

    At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we understand how tension-filled and encumbered life can be for be for those who suffer from an anxiety disorder and how difficult it is to watch a loved one struggle.  Our expert medical staff works closely with our experienced and caring clinicians to provide the best possible treatment for anxiety and[…]

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects 5% – 11% of children nationwide[1], with 4.4%[2] of adults continuing to show symptoms into adulthood. Some children with AD/HD may appear primarily inattentive, while others appear mainly hyperactive and impulsive. Still, some children will have a combined presentation of all these characteristics. Children and[…]

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Autistic spectrum disorder describes a range of conditions classified as neurodevelopmental disorders. Individuals that are diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder must present with two types of symptoms: Deficits in social communication and social interaction. Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities. The DSM-5 redefined autistic spectrum disorder to encompass both autism and what was[…]

  • Benzodiazepine Addiction

    Benzodiazepines, commonly called “benzos”, are tranquilizers often prescribed to treat panic, anxiety, and sleep disorders. They are also prescribed in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal and seizures. Although benzodiazepines can be used appropriately for therapeutic purposes at low doses, this class of drug has a high potential for abuse and may result in pharmacologic dependence[…]

  • Bipolar Disorder Treatment

      At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we understand how disabling a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder can be – for both the diagnosed individual and family members. Our expert medical staff works closely with our experienced and caring clinicians to provide evidence-based treatment planning and interventions, in addition to addressing addiction or other mental health issues present.[…]

  • Chemical Dependency Treatment

    Chemical dependency, or substance dependency, refers to a condition in which a person has become physically and/or psychologically dependent on a mood altering substance. Over time, people with chemical dependency problems develop a tolerance for the drug and require increasingly greater quantities to feel the same affects. They may also continue their use despite physical,[…]

  • Co-dependency

    At Milestones, we believe that the first step in changing unhealthy pattern of behavior is to understand it. Co-dependency is a common struggle, and it is necessary for co-dependents and their family members to educate themselves about the cycle of addiction and how it shapes their relationships. Co-dependency is a learned behavior that is transmitted[…]

  • Co-Occuring Disorders

      What are Co-occurring disorders? Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders The term “co-occurring disorder” sometimes also referred to as “dual diagnosis” means that a person is suffering from both a substance use disorder and a diagnosable psychiatric condition. The relationship between substance abuse and mental illness is complex and the two often accompany one another. Many[…]

  • Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine Addiction Cocaine is one of the most widely abused drugs in America today. A stimulant, cocaine is primarily ingested in any of three ways – snorting, smoking or injecting. Cocaine abusers typically experience a range of behavioral and psychological changes during and shortly after use. These may include: euphoria, energized mood, hypervigilance, tension, anger,[…]

  • Depression

    At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we understand how difficult it can for be for individuals suffering from depression as well as those that love them. Our expert medical staff works closely with our experienced and caring clinicians to provide the best treatment for depression possible. Additionally, we treat any addiction or other mental health issue that[…]

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    Drug addiction is an issue that affects people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. While people suffering from drug addiction may appear different on the outside, the problems that they face are the same: the inability to stop using drugs despite catastrophic consequences, difficulty holding a job or performing at[…]

  • Dual Diagnosis

    What is dual diagnosis? The term “dual diagnosis,” sometimes also referred to as “co-occurring disorders” means that a person is suffering from both a substance use disorder and a diagnosable psychiatric condition. The relationship between substance abuse and mental illness is complex and the two often accompany one another. Many people who seek treatment are[…]

  • Heroin Addiction

    Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive Schedule I substance (according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970). It is an opiate (meaning it is derived from opium), and processed from the sap of the poppy plant. From a physiological perspective, heroin is a central nervous system depressant that relieves pain and induces sleep. Heroin[…]

  • Marijuana Addiction

    Marijuana is one of the most widely used and fiercely debated psychoactive drugs in modern times. The recent legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in many states has increased its availability. This raises ethical questions for professionals in the field of recovery, who understand its potential for and consequences of abuse. Millions of people suffer[…]

  • Methamphetamine Addiction

    Methamphetamine (more commonly known as crystal meth) is a widely used stimulant. Common street names include; ice, crystal, glass, tweak and Tina. Although it was first used primarily in the western United States, its prevalence has increased nationwide – in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Methamphetamine use has risen dramatically in popularity over the past[…]

  • Opiate Addiction

    Opiates – narcotics derived from the opium plant – are among the most abused drugs in the world. Opiates are a class of drug that includes morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and other synthetic compounds easily available by prescription. Traditionally prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain, many users become addicted to the effects produced by[…]

  • Personality Disorders

    At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we understand how difficult life can for be for someone with a personality disorder, as well the effects on those that love them. Our expert medical staff works closely with our experienced and caring clinicians to provide the best treatment possible for personality disorders. Additionally, we provide support and education for family members. While[…]

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    At Milestones Ranch, we often treat individuals who suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) using a variety of evidence-based theories such as Cognitive-Behavioral  (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Seeking Safety, and Dialectical Behavior therapy. When someone has PTSD, it can be challenging for the family. The person with PTSD may act differently and[…]

  • Substance Abuse Treatment

    Substance abuse takes a heavy toll on both the abuser and those who love them. Whatever the substance, be it legal (alcohol, prescription pain medication, etc.) or illegal (cocaine, heroin, etc.), once a user crosses the line into abuse, the physical, emotional, mental and social consequences are often overwhelming and disastrous. Substance abusers often face[…]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    Traumatic Brain Injury, often referred to as TBI, is an acute injury to the brain with both short- and long-term consequences to mental abilities and personality structure. A brain injury can be classified as either mild or severe. TBI can be categorized as mild when there has been a loss of consciousness, disorientation and/or confusion[…]