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I am a mother of a middle aged man who has been using since high school off and on. After many years of enabling him I finally told him last Christmas he was not to contact us again. This broke our hearts and is our only child. He checked into a hospital for detox and was recommended to Milestones Ranch because of his dual diagnosis and they had experienced great success with very difficult cases. Dan had been in many programs during these years and never had any real success. Milestones approached his disease in a diffident way. Full physical evaluation, healthy eating habits, exercise, and fun and intense therapy, were all part of a new way of living for Dan. The Milestones program and staff has given me back my son who I thought was lost. There is no “blame or shame” in their program.That was almost a year ago, he continues to go to after care and is celebrating 10 months of sobriety!. I will always be grateful to Milestones Ranch for their wonderful loving care.

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