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Psychologist & EMDR Therapist- Dr. Thomas Wood

Dr. Wood has worked in the field of addictions and mental health for over 21 years, providing addiction treatment services, psychotherapeutic services and education to groups, individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Wood holds a Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis in Addiction Studies and Family Systems.  He is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and experienced in assessment and treatment of individuals and families, as well as distressed professionals, on issues ranging from chemical dependency, behavioral addictions, emotional and mental health, PTSD and other trauma, family and relationship conflict, to personal lifecycle adjustment, positive personal growth, and relationship and career transitions.  Dr. Wood is an experienced EMDR™ practitioner, and a designated Master Trainer for the Say It Straight™ program, a research-based education and training program that results in empowering communication skills and behaviors and is recognized by SAMHSA as an evidenced-based program.

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