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Executive Chef- Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts runs her kitchen on a variety of philosophical principles. “Food is medicine,” she states as her primary understanding of her work. She has been nourishing people for nearly two decades. Her belief is that the intention you put behind the food can be just as healing as the nutrients.

Kate cooks with the needs of the clients in mind, understanding that the basics of recovery is a three-fold process. She believes in bringing the balance – mental, emotional and physical – to food and working with all three of them.

When Kate got into cooking for addiction recovery she realized how our culture’s processed foods leads to depression and anxiety which leads to drug use. The body becomes nutrient deficient and Kate replenishes them with micronutrients. Kate starts from the ground up when cooking. When making soup she starts from the stock from the bones. When making sauces she starts with the onions and the garlic.

Kate has yet to have a complaint from the clients, staff or the Milestones nutritionist-consultant. The clients have stated on numerous occasions that her cooking is the best food they have had and they have never felt so taken care of.

Statements like these make the long days pay off for Kate, who spent 32 years looking for the authenticity she has finally found at Milestones.

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