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Executive Chef- Heather Campi

Originally from Bucks County Pennsylvania, Heather grew up in a large family with full time working parents.
‘I would come home from school and comb through our cookbook collection and make dinner as often as possible for our family. I loved when my parents would take us to restaurants because I would get to try new dishes and try to identify the ingredients in what I ate so I could recreate the dishes at home.’

At the age of 23 she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in Retail and Real Estate Marketing until she began cooking and delivering meals to friends and other members at her local gym. After two years of running a successful meal prep business in Malibu, she was invited to cook at a local treatment center that focused on a low glycemic diet. Heather found herself up for the challenge of creating healthy versions of her clients favorite dishes and enjoyed watching the clients she worked with come together around the table to talk about their day and enjoy family style meals.

‘Sometimes the best part of someone’s day is a meal and I am grateful to be able to provide that.’

Heather is well versed in adapting to her clients likes and needs. She has cooked and adapted recipes for a variety of dietary needs and restrictions including vegetarians, vegans, allergy based needs, keto and paleo friendly diets and low glycemic diets. She also has a passion for teaching others to cook especially in the treatment center environment.

‘I’ve learned that teaching clients how to cook can be a great lesson for them in learning how to care for themselves. Cooking is a responsibility in taking care of yourself and it is also an act of love.’

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