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Consulting Board Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Dr. Judy Ho

Dr. Judy Ho is a board licensed clinical psychologist, a two-time board diplomate of American Board of Professional Psychology and the National Board of Forensic Evaluators, and a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University. Her clinical experiences include working in inpatient psychiatric settings; outpatient hospitals and clinics; in forensic settings as a testing psychologist and expert witness in criminal and civic proceedings, and in public schools and special education classrooms. Dr. Ho maintains a private practice where she primarily conducts neuropsychological and forensic assessments, and provides evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies to a small group of clients. She conducts regular trainings for mental health providers for Los Angeles Department of Mental Health (LADMH). In past years, she served as a neuropsychological trainer and consultant for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Legacy Project and as a cognitive-behavioral therapy consultant on the Community Partners in Care Project and the REACH NOLA Project.

Dr. Ho regularly appears on various television programs as an expert psychologist. Notable shows include several primetime programs on networks including CBS (where she is currently a guest co-host on The Doctors), CNN (Piers Morgan, CNN Tonight, CNN Newsroom), HLN (Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Michaela), Fox (Daily Helpline, Fox 11 News), Discovery Channel (Pretty Bad Girls, Wicked Attraction, Death by Gossip), Lifetime (Killer Kids), ESPN (Outside the Lines), A & E (Miss Murder), Oxygen (Snapped: Killer Couples), NBC (Nightly News), ABC (Eyewitness News), CBS (The Doctors, Evening News), Pivot TV (TakePart Live), Reelz (Celebrity Arrests), and WE TV (Braxton Family values), KTLA (Crime Watch Daily), and ITV (Good Morning Britain). Dr. Ho pursues her media consultant work with the goal of providing information to the general public about psychological issues in daily life and quality mental health care, and to reduce stigma towards mentally ill individuals and to encourage people who need help to seek effective treatment.

Dr. Ho contributes clinical research manuscripts to National and International psychological journals, and writes chapter contributions to Mental Health Textbooks and research articles illuminating issues regarding mental health assessment and treatment for high need youth and family populations. Dr. Ho is currently working on a book with Publisher Harper Wave, an imprint of Harper Collins; which will help people overcome self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from achieving their goals at work, in health, and in relationships. In this book, Dr. Ho will be doling out practical, easy to implement advice based on what has been scientifically proven in research to improve lives.

Dr. Ho received her bachelors of arts degree in Psychology and bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley, and her masters of sciences and Ph. D. from the San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute and is a two-time recipient of National Institute of Mental Health’s National Research Services Award.

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