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Residential Technician- Lorena Quiroz

Lorena Quiroz grew up in Los Angeles with an amazing family. Her mother and father instilled a great work ethic and accountability for responsibilities. After High School she attended LAVC and earned her Associates Degree. Shortly after she got married and had two daughters; Abigail and Iris. They are now 5 and 3 and her best life accomplishment thus far. Through her own self work of therapy, she has gained great awareness of herself and discovered exactly how fulfilling it is to self-evolve. With that being said, she thinks there is no greater reward than being able to help others achieve the same; to self-evolve in a positive way.

Lorena’s prior work experience was mostly focused on HR work. She is continuing to stick to what she likes to do which is helping others. She worked closely with both the employees and management. Always striving to maintain a great work atmosphere where everyone was comfortable, accountable and felt a sense of acknowledgment.

She looks forward to continuing the same path of giving to others, and helping others with their self-growth.



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