Free Tune Up

As a unique facet of our aftercare program, graduates of Milestones primary residential treatment are given the opportunity to return for a free, one-week tune-up, subject to bed availability. At any future point after successful completion of treatment, a graduate may request a tune-up. Tune-up services may be sought for a variety of reasons. For example, perhaps there is a struggle with intense cravings to use, a desire to refresh or hone relapse-prevention skills, or the burgeoning need to explore a specific behavioral or emotional issue. Sometimes, an unexpected loss or severe psychosocial stressor may compel a proactive client to seek solace in the warmth and serenity of Calamigos Ranch and the supportive Milestones staff.

Please note that prior to returning for a tune-up, we require completion of an assessment via telephone. A client who has relapsed on drugs and/or alcohol may first need to enter either a detoxification, primary or transitional living program per recommendation of Milestones clinical staff.