• Gloria

    I am a mother of a middle aged man who has been using since high school off and on. After many years of enabling him I finally told him last Christmas he was not to contact us again. This broke our hearts and is our only child. He checked into a hospital for detox and[…]

  • L.S.

    Recently I had the opportunity to place a family member in Milestones. She was treated with love, compassion and kindness for addiction to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes as well as severe depression. A year and a half later she is clean and sober and happily living her life. Thank you Milestones. You changed her life[…]

  • Karlene

    I have never in my life known of such a warm place with such an amazing group of people. Milestones helped me from a really low point in my life and today my life is beyond my wildest dreams. Savannah, Denise, and Carolyn are the most caring, thoughtful individuals that will bend over backwards just[…]

  • Greta

    There are not enough stars to rate Milestones Ranch Malibu that would adequately reflect the quality of its incredible character. I know this because I was a client there and have had many experiences in the recovery world- this place is by far the best. From the ambiance of the property to the the loving[…]

  • Skye

    It is almost impossible to explain how amazing this place is with only words. I have struggled all my life with addiction, and I have unfortunately been to another treatment center in the past. The other center was considered one of the best, but it does not even come close to the treatment I received[…]

  • T.R.

    Luckily, a beloved family friend was treated at Milestones for multiple addictions and received loving, individualized care from the compassionate and highly attentive staff. These are people who really give a damn. They deliver top quality treatment and stay connected after their patient has been discharged. My dear family friend has remained clean and sober[…]

  • Jeff

    Milestones saved my life, for sure.  I had been to another treatment center– a very good one– but I just couldn’t stay sober.  The Milestones staff helped me uncover what was keeping me from staying sober, and, with a lot of ongoing care, I’ve been able to stay sober for over two years. I’m pretty[…]

  • Maire

    Being a client at Milestones was a life changing experience for me. Words cannot describe what a significant impact it has made on my life. The staff were so hospitable and made me feel comfortable and validated at all times. The treatment that I was receiving was specific to my needs and that is something[…]

  • Mitch

    Milestones helped save my life. The dual diagnosis helped me understand the root of my drug problem. After 10 years in active addiction, I thought I would never get clean. Thanks to Milestones, I am now living a healthy sober lifestyle.

  • Chris

    If you are uncertain of where to get help, check out Milestones. It is the break you need from the fast paced world, and will help you get clean. Milestones is in the middle of nature, not in a traditional clinical setting. Not only will you get off of drugs, but you will find an[…]

  • Sherri

    Milestones for me was personalized. From the moment I called Savannah for help until the day I left. The staff are highly professional and caring. As an alcoholic I felt my issues were covered with groups and with my individual counselor Debbie. As far as my dual diagnosis was concerned – from a caring doctor,[…]

  • Dave

    Milestones was a great experience for me. The environment is very beautiful and relaxing, so it was very easy to focus on getting better. The care at milestones was very individualized and the staff was always focused on each client’s needs. I really liked the way we were exposed to several different options for recovery.[…]

  • J.H.

    My stay at Milestones was both challenging and fulfilling. It was challenging in that I had to adjust to a substantial amount of rules and living with several people at the same time. However, such rules forced me to be completely honest in rehab for the first time as well. I believe that it is[…]

  • J

    When I first came to Milestones, I was lost and afraid that I would be unable to become the person I wanted to be. I thought I would be counting the days until I could leave “rehab” and be able to get back to my life, but by the time I was set to leave[…]

  • Evan Haines

    To our beloved Milestones Family, As the owner of a sober living home, we work with a lot of different treatment centers. In our experience, no one attends to the continuous care of their clients after they leave treatment better than Milestones does. We are afforded the all too rare opportunity to work very closely[…]

  • Tina

    Milestones was to me, the most top of the line dual diagnosis treatment center I have ever attended. I cannot thank everyone enough! Last year, I could of been another faceless statistic that you read about in the obituaries, but I made a decision to come to Milestones instead. I cannot say enough about how much[…]

  • Karlene

    Definitely a place where you can overcome many milestones in your life. You will not regret your decision to come here.Stay as long as you possibly can, and I promise you will learn more about yourself than you ever knew possible. I highly recommend individual sessions with Joey; he will undoubtedly change your life.

  • Bill

    It’s a spiritual and beautiful place. I had a lot of time to think about myself. It’s not just a place, the people are great and everyone is in sync.

  • Susan

    Milestones provided life skills that actually saved my life. The therapy and groups are aimed at getting to know you, and encourage you to do things differently. I would recommend a loved one knowing that s(he) would be in good hands. Milestones is community oriented and a nice setting for therapy.